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Chris Bason

Account Director UK,
Global DMC Partners LLC

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+44 7901 106003

Global DMC Expert


From AstraZeneca to Sri Lanka he moved into the agency sector where, fully ABPI trained, he enjoyed roles as Operations Manager and Head of Events for leading agencies such as Maritz, GRG and CWT. Now supplier side, Chris has all the necessary understanding of the challenges agencies face and is a true support to his clients whilst managing one of the largest DMC portfolios in the industry.

What others Say

“Chris is a highly dependable, reliable, dedicated and hard working employee who is goal orientated…” 


- Giselle Ripken, Managing Director Meetings & Events, GRG

“…always enthusiastic and passionate about what he did and gave 100% to the cause..” 


- Nick Bender, Director Touch Associates

“…relentless drive for excellence and attention to detail.” 


- Felipe Stevenson, Director Communications, Swiss Reinsurance



8 years ago he might have been going out all night with his friends and DJ-ing, but now he loves nothing more than scooting around a park with his young children, eating, drinking and relaxing with his partner.


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