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Transcend Cruises will without a doubt change the way you view river cruising. Think about custom-made itineraries and river cruise experiences, flexible onboard environments, inspired meal offerings and full charter support...dream your river charter experience in hidden harbours and iconic cities, travelling through Europe's rivers. Imagine chartered vessels with full company branding, full control of your onboard schedule and unparalleled service. 

  • White-label platform to bring your brand to life

  • B2B sales only

  • Sailing durations, stateroom layouts, destinations, dining, onboard and shore excursions - all defined by you

  • Brand-extending technology, wellness inspired design and service

  • Industry leading staff:guest ratio, exceptional F&B

Advance by Transcend Cruises

  • Launched August 2023, the first Transcend-level service launched on an existing luxury ship offering 100% charter business model.

  • Up to 110 guests in 55 staterooms/suites

  • Up to 60 staff onboard

  • Transparent pricing, no B2C 

Transcend Cruises New Builds

  • 2025 launch on new-build luxury ships

  • Purpose-build for charters

  • Revolutionary product & service

  • Public venues designed specifically for groups

  • Wellness and sustainability enabled

  • 30-120 guests with 54 onboard staff

Client Media

Transcend: to rise above or go beyond, to exceed

Transcend Channel

Transcend Channel

Transcend Channel
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transcend_cruises_22_update (1080p)

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Transcend Advance Video

Transcend Advance Video

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