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AX Hotels & One MICHELIN Star

Under Grain, Rosselli AX Privilege’s One MICHELIN Star restaurant located in the heart of Merchants Street in Malta’s capital of Valletta, was hand-picked by the MICHELIN Guide to participate in its prestigious Four Hands event.

The MICHELIN Four Hands are regular collaborative dinners that see international top-rated chefs team up to curate a tasting menu specifically for one night. Such events are one-off cooking collaborations that give the collaborating chef the chance to present their own signature dishes or new ones crafted with the hosting chef. Four Hands has been described by MICHELIN as “globe-trotting collaborations [that] transcend cultural boundaries” encouraging culinary maestros to break out of their comfort zones, serving as invaluable opportunities that broaden personal and culinary horizons.

Under Grain’s Executive Chef Victor Borg and London Soho’s Sola Chef Patron Victor Garvey teamed up to create a tasting menu to promote Maltese gastronomy. Each chef curated three dishes inspired by Californian and Maltese cuisine and paired them with Maltese wines that were flown in from Malta specifically for the event.

“It’s been an absolute pleasure and a dream come true to have participated in a MICHELIN Four Hands,” said Executive Chef Victor upon his return to Malta. “It was my distinguished honour to have created a tasting menu that prominently features Maltese cuisine alongside the talented Chef Patron Victor Garvey, whom I’d like to thank for his collaborative and welcoming spirit both in the kitchen and in his hometown. We transcended cultural boundaries, shined a light on Maltese cuisine and bounced ideas off each other. It’s been a very rewarding experience and one that I’m grateful for.”


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