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Best UK Representation Company - Global DMC Partners!

I honesty believe we are all winners when the industry finally recognises the work Representation companies do to support the event industry, but never the less, I cannot be more proud and happy to see Global DMC Partners winning the micebook award for Best UK Representation Company! It's a tough act to follow with it's global DMC reach, an inspiring head office team and the formidable leadership of it's President and CEO Catherine Chaulet, and AbleMaxx Limited is immensely proud to be their UK managing partner, working hand in hand to ensure our UK clients receive the best possible support for its global events.

Well done to whole Global DMC Partners team, it's global DMC network, Chris Bason and Maria Bocharova who work tirelessly year round, dedicated to the Global DMC Partners account, and to ALL UK representation companies who support the industry to ensure strong relationships for successful events.

Feeling proud!



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